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Sustainable Architecture and Luxury Homes

Sustainable luxury. This expression, that for many years seemed to be a paradox, is now a contemporary trend.

The modern concept of luxury isn’t identified by wealth or prestige. Rather, it refers to quality, durability, timeless appeal and sustainable architecture and home design. Luxurious properties are not only characterized by their recognizably indulgent atmosphere, but they are also hubs of eco-friendly upgrades and smart features. Over the recent years, eco-friendly design has become one of the most sought-after qualities, increasing the value of properties on the market. In combination with deluxe amenities, such a design becomes the ultimate expression of luxury.

“Study nature, love nature, stay close to nature. It will never fail you” – Frank Lloyd Wright

Preparing for a sustainable future is at the forefront of many architects minds, and it's making for some exciting design innovations. Sustainable architecture is geared towards creating functional buildings today that will continue to have a minimal environmental impact and a low energy usage to help the generations of tomorrow. These environmentally conscious design techniques are paving the way for a whole new kind of sustainable architecture.

Sustainable development consists in meeting the needs of today’s people without compromising the future of the next generations. This movement is based on the fact that uncontrolled use of natural resources will become a serious problem in the future. Nowadays, the design and construction industries are increasing practises that help to protect the environment through sustainable architecture. Architects, designers and engineers are integrating ecological design and new materials to reduce the energy waste at homes. They are choosing materials that last longer than others and, sometimes, those are also smart pieces that change depending on climate and light conditions.

If architecture is the way to connect humans and nature, is an architect’s duty to be responsible with the environment through a cutting-edge design process and techniques that have a low impact on the environment. This is the main goal of sustainable architecture and, of course, something we’re always devoted to at Hin Fah. As a result, houses are becoming eco-friendly. Even more, they are turning into smart buildings.

New technologies are improving old fashioned methods of construction and facilitating resources to boost an eco friendly architecture whose impact is not damaging the nature. At Hin Fah we really believe that smart houses must be not only sustainable but also more comfortable than a traditional one.

There are so many ways to reduce the footprint of architecture in the nature thanks to, for instance, solar panels, heat exchange systems, wind power and so on. Additionally, improving energy consumption is not always about spending more money. Sometimes is just a matter of choosing the right orientation for the home or selecting the proper placement for windows. Just by taking care of those two aspects we are creating a passive solar design that takes advantage of the sun light and increasing cross ventilation.

Sustainable architecture is key when it comes to designing and building a luxury home on Koh Samui. We must care about every single factor that contributes to preserve this amazing environment. In the end, we have the secret to build the best house in terms of cost, functionality, durability and comfort.

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