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Top Tips to Buy Your Dream Home After Traveling the World

Everyone who has traveled the world has their own dream of living out their years on their own little piece of paradise, peace and tranquillity. Traveling shows us a life we may never have thought possible and it only makes sense that we would try to find a way to preserve that. The best way to create your own personal travel paradise forever, is to buy land or a property in a travel destination that gives you everything you fell in love with about traveling!

There are many potential reasons that some individuals would choose to purchase land in a given area and for a given reason. However, at the end of the day everyone is different and unique and everyone has their own priorities when it comes to tastes and preferences. The key item for you to remember is when you are looking into buying property for yourself, there are multiple objectives you could be fulfilling. Instead of just picking up a new house or buying real estate that is already developed, perhaps you should consider buying land for sale (w/o construction) through Mandalay Samui Developments in order to fully capitalize on a potential opportunity.

1. Find Your Own Un-Explored Travel Paradise

Exploring the path less travelled is the travel dream of many long and short-term travellers, so how awesome would it be to actually live that path every day for the rest of your life! Choosing somewhere like this to live out your travel dreams also can also come with the added benefit of lower land costs and of course a more peaceful atmosphere. (Hopefully increasing in value over time!)

If you happen to be in an area where new construction is popping up frequently, then you are lucky enough to be in an area where it will most likely continue to pop up as time goes on. As new developments are growing, however, the developers themselves need to be cost conscious in general. It might make sense not only to buy some land that is near to a new development just because the area is improving, but you could potentially buy the area surrounding a development with the intent of selling that property to the developer (or a competing developer) in the future. 

Even if the property is completely unsettled and untamed, there is still a good chance it will hold tremendous value and if anyone is going to want to purchase property in a nice area where the new construction is yours will suddenly be seen as some of the best property and the highest in demand for the surrounding area. When you consider the costs of running the utilities to an area alone, you can imagine how much more attractive a property is when they have a surrounding area already fully developed.

2. Jump on a Rising Star

If building your dream traveler’s paradise home in a remote and completely undeveloped corner of the world doesn’t appeal to you, then the next best option could be to buy your dream piece of land in an area that isn’t yet developed, but is predicted to grow as a destination, either for locals or tourists, or both.

If you see a region in general where everything is starting to grow, then you can’t find land fast enough or enough of it to settle your appetite. If you get in on the ground level or at least close to the bottom, then you have a good chance of being able to ride the wave to the top and potentially make an excellent profit. People in a city or a region that is blowing up with growth will not only always have greater need for space to put things (businesses, homes, and even parking lots), but they will also buy things just based upon the ideas of speculation.

While trading or buying real estate just based upon speculation can be a difficult one to swallow and can be a risky one to deal with as well, there is also a strong case of buying property using common sense. Would someone want to put a home or a business (or anything) in the property? Is it conveniently located to other areas? Would it have value? If those things are true, then you should look to buy based solely on future prices. Keep in mind, however, that it may actually take some time to be successful and it could be a problem to overpay for a plot in an area where it truly isn’t exploding with growth as much as you had originally thought.

3. Do It for Your Love of Nature and Adventure Travel

Many people look at the outdoors not just as a financial vehicle and investment but rather as an opportunity to get outdoors. Whether you are a hunter, fisher, camper, or just love trails for one reason or another, the outdoors are a vital part of our world and ecosystem. Some people would love to be able to have property just to know that it is there and being protected, and as long as you are a person who truly can appreciate and care about the outdoors then you will understand just how beneficial it could be to buy a few plots or even a few acres just for their general preservation over time.

You may not fully know what you want to do with the plot, but just having it could be a major asset and something you could enjoy at the same time. When you consider the end goal of most things in life, they are all about bringing happiness to you. If you can get enjoyment and satisfaction out of owning a plot and using it to your advantage, then it doesn’t matter how much money it brings in.

4. Share Your Dreams of Travel and Adventure with Others

If you want to truly preserve a natural piece of land and not just keep it for yourself, it may make sense to develop it and then allow others to use it as well. There are different ways to accomplish this goal and those ways will obviously depend upon where you are and what the local government rulings are. However, if you are able to make a park then people of all ages and for many generations will be able to enjoy nature.

If you could accomplish the goal of turning property into a long term park and could get your local government involved then you not only have one more thing that will attract others to the area, but you also have something to increase the quality of life for the area as well. Not every purchase has to be a purely financially inspired transaction, and if you are able to add happiness to your life instead of just having profit incentives when it comes to building land for the general good then you can instantly see why purchasing land could be such a great thing.

Final Thoughts for Buying Your Own Travel Paradise…

Overall, the key to remember when it comes to land is that it truly is valuable. Because land isn’t being created on a daily basis it is hard to try and locate more of it. As a finite resource it is only going to go up in value over time, and if anyone is able to jump on a plot of land when it comes up for sale then they will have a tremendous opportunity sitting in front of them regardless of what they actually choose to do with it in the long run.

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